Animations concerning pneumatic part conveyor

Functional principle of Pneumatic part conveyor section

Application and using

This pneumatic part conveyor is a linear conveyor, which transports stampings of all kind and form also out of extremely narrowed waste disposers. The simple handling of the conveyors allows a rapid and trouble free operation as well in the series as in the large quantity production. The conveyor is robust and needs low-maintenance.

Pneumatic part conveyor with groove and parts

Linear conveyors work according the principle of the relation between the velocity and the frictional resistance. Thereby different front- or back acceleration values are used to transport a part on a groove out of sheet steel. By adjusting the stroke frequency the transport velocity can optimally be accommodated to the conditions on the spot.
The transport groove can be arranged individually and a high wear of the conveyor band is avoided. Stampings which are fouled by oil can optionally be carried away on a corrugated transportation sheet steel.

Pneumatic part conveyor in the press