Energy efficiency and environmental protection

We, STRACK NORMA GmbH & Co. KG, strive for a comprehensive and active climate- and environmental protection in all areas of activity. Our goals are the economical and efficient use of resources and a careful use of the natural living conditions.

We are not only meeting the official and statutory requirements, but moreover we are taking additional measures for the protection of climate and environment on our own initiative and our own responsibility.

Various fields of action have been identified and implemented with the appropriate process orientation.

Company principles

Each employee, male or female, of our company has to contribute to our effort to achieve the optimal environmental protection.

We are working, also together with our customers to continuously improve the environmental compatibility of the products and processes. Our staff is encouraged to show an environmentally-friendly behavior during normal operating procedure.

Our executive managers are committed to special dedication in fulfilling the requirements of environmentally-compatible production and process.

When planning new facilities and the manufacturing of new products; environmental- and safety aspects are considered from the very beginning.

We consider the objective dialogue with the public as an important part of the environmental protection.

Therefore we have an open experience exchange with authorities, associations and suppliers. We are offering this dialogue also to our customers and neighbors.

All procedures and processes are based on the environmental management standard 14001. A certification of the environmental system is planned in the foreseeable future.