Innovative products and product additions

Ejector pins Z981

- Stainless and acid resistance

► PDF-Z981

Gage for sensor SN4528

- VW-norm 39D 639

- Punching shop large tool makingg

► PDF-SN4528

Spacing bar SN4550

- VW-norm 39D 578

- Punching shop large tool making

► PDF-SN4550

Pressure bolt SN45510

- VW-norm 39D 638

- Punching shop large tool making

► PDF-SN45510

Locating cone SN43 / Spacer plates SN43-DP

- VW-norm 39V 1168

- Punching shop large tool making

► PDF-SN43 / SN43-DP

Cooling tubes with inserts Z77711

- Corrosion-resistant

► PDF-Z77711

Blank holder cam PMON

- Innovation: Driver in the upper part pulls the cam in end position

- Saving of working stages and time


Double stroke latch locks Z4-23

- Two functions combined

► PDF-Z4-23

Centring elements Z55

- For internal centering

- Flexibly position in the tool

- Provides for an improved part quality

► PDF-Z55

Flowmeter Z7703


- control

- regulation

- shutoff

of cooling circuits directly at the tool.

► PDF-Z7703

Deflecton element Z7741

Connect cooling channels securely and variably

- Connection over multiple mould plates is possible

- It connects a cooling hole distance of 30 to 500 mm

- Made out of stainless steal, resistant against aggressive cooling media

► PDF-Z7741

Gas springs easy manifold system

Manifold plate systems SN2907 increase the process reliability and thus save hard cash.

- Easy maintenance and installation
- Compact design
- Cost-efficient
- Lower machining operation is required
- Production according to the current legal requirements and technical regulations

► PDF-Brochure Gas springs easy manifold system

Digital counter Z5265

Digital counter facilitates the observance of maintenance plans and the control of service lives.

► PDF-Z5265

Tempering control filter Z7700

The temperature control filter Z7700 is a special oil- and water filter designed for small cooling holes or core coolings.

Due to its fine filter insert it removes finest dirt particles from the cooling circuit which can otherwise lead to clogged cooling channels (for example in laser-sintered core inserts) or to early wear of sealing elements in core coolings.


Security features gas springs

For user security, STRACK NORMA developed security features for all gas springs

The features installed in the springs are safety-relevant protective devices which are venting the gas springs in case of too fast extension of the piston rod (shock relief), in case of overstroke and overpressure and thus providing a protection against injuries to the user, but also prevent a possible tool breakage.
On the gas-spring body is marked by laser which security features are included in the gas springs. In this context, the gas spring catalogues were updated and supplemented with new type series.

In the updated documents you will find more detailed information, please refer to our homepage under

► Spring elements / Gas springs / PDF catalogue Gas springs

Simply remove punching waste

The pneumatic part conveyor of STRACK NORMA offers the optimal solution

Space is rare and precious – in particular under a punching tool. The punching waste must be removed as quickly as possible in confined space, but what is the best solution?

Please read more ► PDF-Press release 06/16

Smallest standard cam with maximum power

The new PowerMax® 2.0 from the company STRACK NORMA

The change in the toolmaking is characterized by pressure on costs, savings and innovations for the steady improvement of an efficient production process. Narrow space conditions and fewer and fewer tool stages are the requirements for the designers of today. In future, tools must become even more compact and smaller to meet the requirements of a small installation space.

In this context savings in time and in resulting costs play an important role. Meanwhile more and more working steps are made in one stroke, to be able to save one, respectively more stages. Here no losses with respect to running properties and press force should be made.

The standard part specialist STRACK NORMA from Lüdenscheid has heard the call of the designers and faced this challenge.
The result is the cam of the latest generation: The new PowerMax® 2.0.

Please read more ► PDF-Press release 10/15

► PDF-Brochure PowerMax® 2.0 Compact aereal standard cam

► PDF-Normalienreport "The new PowerMax® 2.0 as a problem solver"

Further improve what’s already good!

All latch locks with DLC-coated components

All latch locks of the standard part specialist STRACK NORMA will be provided with a DLC-coating at sliding components to meet highest requirements in the injection moulding technology. Herewith the proven latch locks are able to ensure even higher running performances and to ensure a trouble-free manufacturing process.
The DLC-layer (Diamond-Like-Carbon) is a diamond-like-carbon layer. It is applied on moving components, which are for example running unlubricated or to extend the maintenance intervals. DLC is the successor of WCC-coatings, because the coating is harder and thus more durable.
In addition DLC-coating characterizes by low friction coefficients and good wear properties.
By using DCL-coated components and the resulting freedom from maintenance an up to 80 % reduction of the maintenance costs can be achieved.
At first view, the new DLC-coating cannot be seen, because the pawls as well as the locks are coated with the layer. Thus a maximum benefit is achieved and friction and wear are minimized.

small becomes LARGE

The new latch lock Z4-40 for heavy weights

- For the large-scale mould making
- Static load capacity up to 80 kN

- Low-maintenance due to DLC-coating
- Also available as two-stage ejector

► PDF-Z4-40


Safety hooks

- Reinforced design

- Greater safety

► PDF-Z6041


Ring bolts, rotatable

Comfortable from A to B

- By 360° freely rotatable

- Increased load capacity on straight pull

- Tool-free assembly and disassembly

► PDF-SN1598

Stäubli and STRACK cooperate

Since April STRACK has been direct sales partner of Stäubli Tec-Systems GmbH from Bayreuth. The well-known company is one of the leading manufacturers of quick coupling systems for liquids, gases and electrical energy in the world.

STRACK will distribute the Mono-, Multi- and Quick coupling systems together with further items from the wide product range for the stamping and forming technology and for injection

moulding and die casting tools.

Due to the unique competence in the coupling technology, Stäubli can offer a qualified and fast service in collaboration with STRACK. The service doesn’t only focuses on the groundbreaking connection technology but also on the complete product range. Other sectors of Stäubli GmbH are the production of textile machinery and robotics (SCARA- and articulated-arm industrial robots).

► PDF-Quick couplings


Compact controller for all 230 V h

- Microprocessor-based PID controller with autotuning

► PDF-Z7520

SNS sintered metal sliding elements

To accommodate the high requirements at modern tools with regard to the strain by the machining of high strength sheets with an, at the same time, increasing of the running life and maintainability, a new sintered bronze material has been developed.

The new generation of sliding elements is steel reinforced, iron based, porous sintered metal.

It features itself by its high wear resistance at medium, till high speeds.

The sintered metal is placed on a steel base body, which gives the sliding element a higher solidity.

► PDF-SNS-Guide elements