The specialist for special machining

The area of special machining is continually gaining in importance.

The requirements of the market necessitate faster solutions than ever before.

STRACK NORMA meets these requirements by complex solutions out of one hand.
Where precision is demanded – STRACK NORMA – is your specialist for special machining.
Our team provides fast support.

High performance CNC-machining centers, milling- and grinding machines as well as coordinate grinding machines are available for difficult machining. An essential precondition for precision and quality.
Outsourcing means for our customers creation of additional capacities and a higher productivity.

Special machining is standard with us.

Please convince yourself about our efficiency.
We need your CAD data which you can send us by e-mail or data carrier.

Especially in the case of complex plate machining operations, it is recommendable to carry out rough machining or preworking of the milled pockets and slides and also the machined recesses before the guide bores are made. In this way it is possible to compensate for stresses released by the complex machining before the bores for the guide system are made.

Consequently, cavities and the guide system can be made to match one another with extreme accuracy. Only in this way can the highest precision of the mould be achieved.

Our machining spectrum:

  • Machining centers in 5-axis range: 1000 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm
    or 800 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm
    up to 2000 kg

  • Machining centers in 3-axis range: 2900 mm x 1150 mm x 300 mm
    or 2200 mm x 1350 mm x 300 mm
    up to 3000 kg

  • Circumference grinding machines: 2500 mm x 1500 mm x 600 mm bis zu 1600 kg

  • Deep drilling centers: 1000 mm x 1400 mm x 300 mm bis zu 1600 kg

  • Measuring machines: 1200 mm x 1600 mm x 600 mm bis zu 2000 kg

  • CAD with interfaces to all common systems

  • Programming in the 2-, 3 dimensional range

Your contact person in the internal sales department

Kirsten Kioschis

Sale special machining

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Dietmar Trimpop

Sale special machining
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Martin Seuthe

Sale special machining
Tel +49 (0)2351 8701 289
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