Special cam program

Despite an extensive and flexible standard cam program there are more often designs requiring special solutions.

These include: change in dimension of the work surface, freely selectable cam angles between 0° and 80°, increase of the cam- and retraction forces and cams adapted to the installation space.

► PDF-PowerMax® standard cam in special design (1,0 MB)

PowerMax® blank holder program PMON

Increase in efficiency:

  • Driver in the upper part of the tool / blank holder integrated
  • Saving of die stations
  • Driver pulls cam body over clamps in working position

► PDF - The PowerMax PMON blank holder programm

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What can we do?

Examples of performance:

  • Insertions of customer-supplied hole patterns and cutouts
  • Changes in dimension of the working surface in width and height
  • Lateral outgrowths or asymmetric design of the working surface
  • Change of the cam running direction in 1° steps up to 80°
  • Shorter or lower designs
  • Stroke reduction or stroke increase
  • Weight reduction at very large cams
  • Stripper units on the cam
  • Increase of the cam forces at thick- or high-strength sheets
  • Increase of the retraction forces at thick- or high-strength sheets

What do we need?

For special cams we need your Information* concerning:

a) Installation space
b) Position of the active elements
c) Material strength
d) Material thickness
e) Number of strokes

* For this information, please use our form ► Technical customer data special cam

  • Each special cam will be checked for functionality and the press-and retraction forces are calculated.