Functioning of a cam

If punching-, cutting-, bending operations have to be carried out at geometrically complex parts, it is necessary to redirect the vertical movement of the press in a lateral movement.

This is usually done with cams.

PowerMax® in the tool

The three variants: BASIS, MEDIUM, PREMIUM

The differentiation of the cam program in three variants is unique in the world: BASIS, MEDIUM, PREMIUM.

These and more patented features give the cam series its protected brand name PowerMax®.

Identical in the dimension, these variants only differ in their equipment features and -details, allowing the user now for the first time to choose the optimal product for his production.

The optimally positioned force application point and the guiding reaching further outwards result in high-precision guide characteristics. The compact design is a great advantage especially at greater cams with an installation depth reduction of up to 120 mm.

The BASIS version already covers all standard requirements at an affordable price.

In the MEDIUM- and PREMIUM version an adjustable active return provides an extremely high retracting force. The advantage, compared with a cam slide returned only by gas springs, is the fact, that the reduced power of the gas spring preserves the cam, the tool and press. The active return always provides exactly the force that is required for the stripping. The gas spring only pushes the cam slide back to its home position.

In the PREMIUM version the working surface of the cam was replaced by a separate mounting plate. This mounting plate allows an easy disassembly and thus an easy machining of a rectangular plate on a processing machine. Modifications or special plates according to customer requirements are thus easy to realize.


  • Large working surface
  • Compact installation depth
  • Excellent running precision by prism guide
  • Extremely robust design
  • Gas spring can be exchanged under the press
  • Sliding plates out of bronze with solid lubricant against steel bars out of 1.7131, 58-60 HRC


Same features as the BASIC cam, but additionally:

  • Very high press forces
  • Extremely high retraction forces (~10 % of the press force)
  • Sliding plates out of 1.7131, 58-60 HRC
  • Suited for normal-, thick- and high-strength sheets


Same features as the MEDIUM cam, but additionally:

  • Demountable mounting plate

The three cam programs: PMO / PMU, PMOK and PMOL

PMO / PMU: The aerial- and die-mount cam unit program characterizes by its high performance and flexibility.

PMOK (K = kompakt): The aerial cam units program combines attributes such as running precision, highest press- and retraction forces and tightest tolerance values in a single product and is especially designed for tight spaces.

PMOL (L = light): The aerial cam unit program PMOL (L=light) is the low-cost alternative for product series which are only running in low piece numbers or small series (250,000 – 750,000 strokes).

There is a compability of the outer dimensions and the screw holes to the existing PowerMax® standard program.

► PDF-The three cam programs (54 KB)

The PowerMax® cam program PMO / PMU

PMO: aerial cam (upper tool - UT)
PMU: die mount cam (lower tool - LT)

Types: Basis, Medium and Premium

Cam widths available as standard (mm):

65 - 90 - 125 - 230 - 260 - 330 - 400 - 460 - 580 - 700 - 850 - 1000 - 1200

Angles available as standard from 0° to 75 ° (in steps of 5°)

► PDF-PMO / PMU program (370 KB)

The PowerMax® 2.0 cam program PMOK

PMOK: aerial cam (upper tool - UT)

Type: Medium

Cam widths available as standard (mm): 65 - 90 - 125 - 165 -180 -230 -260 -330 -400

Angles available as standard from 0° bis 75° (in Abstufung von 5°)

► PDF-PMOK-Programm (237 KB)

The PowerMax® light cam program PMOL

PMOL: aerial cam (upper tool - UT)

Type: Basis

Cam widths available as standard (mm): 65 - 90 - 125 - 165 - 230 - 260 - 330 - 400

Further widths are available on request

Angles available as standard from 0° bis 75° (in Abstufung von 5°)

Further intermediate angles are possible on request

► PDF-PMOL-Programm (432 KB)

Special cams

The PowerMax® cam program already covers a wide variety of sizes and cam angles, but especially for high-strength sheets it is essential that at punching operations the cutting element meets the sheet at 90° angle.

For this STRACK NORMA offers ► PDF-Cams in special design (1,0 MB) in the desired angle being outside the standard angle.

The PowerMax® overall concept allows a short delivery time also for special cams. Machining according to customer requirements on the work surface are also a part of our services and reduce the cycle times for the user.

Please contact us. The team of STRACK NORMA will help you to find an appropriate solution for your requirements.

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