Product announcement

100 years of STRACK NORMA

Innovations are corporate-DNA. Expansion of core competences in the innovation centre. New product groups planned.

Strack Norma, one of the leading standard part suppliers in Europe celebrates its 100th birthday. The family-owned company in its fourth generation focuses with the motto Think. Tech. Strack. on three business fields. THINK describes innovative developments for the tool- and mouldmaking, TECH the customer-specific special productions, product modifications and individual solutions and STRACK a selected range of standard products. Strack Norma plans its future with the expansion of core competences and new product groups.

The company was founded by Ewald Geyer, the great-grandfather of the today’s owners, just three years after the end of the First World War in 1921 in Lüdenscheid. Initially the company concentrated on the mould- and toolmaking. Business was excellent, no least due to the innovative approaches, still called „tinkering“ at that time with which Geyer surprised its customers again and again. At the end of the 1950s, he expanded his range with standard parts for plastic tools. The product range was marketed by the Strack-group, which was taken over by Geyer in 1981. Geyer decided to continue offering the range, standard parts for the stamping- and plastics industry, under the proven name „Strack Norma”. The focus on innovative and tailor-made solutions for many challenges of the customers became the trademark of Strack Norma. The change from pure mould- and toolmaker to a service company is confirmed by a variety of patents. Exemplary are here the latch locks, centering elements or sliding elements for the moulding area with which Strack Norma is still leading in the market. Well-known customers include, amongst others, the automobile manufacturers Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW and their suppliers. Since 2015 the great-grandchildren of the founder Ewald Geyer, Andreas Geyer and Bettina Geyer, have been running the family business in the fourth generation.

In the future Strack Norma wants to expand its core competences. „Our customers are searching for clever, creative and cost-saving solutions for their production processes and less standard products”, says Andreas Geyer. We are increasingly meeting our technical competence with our new innovative centre as well as with an exciting range of new product groups, such as for example guiding elements, subcontracting and the newly added digital products, which we will continue to expand.” Herewith Strack Norma intends to offer customers an even more intensive advice, a higher stock availability and shorter processing times. 

Safe all-around

Roller cages from STRACK NORMA ensure safe production processes 

STRACK NORMA, one of the leading standard part suppliers in Europe is adding a new product, the blue anodized roller cages SN17950 and SN17951, to its existing range of guide elements. These ensure safer production processes at higher load.

The already existing ball cage guide systems of STRACK are established and popular in the tool- and fixture construction, because they can be used universally and with high precision in a wide range of applications. Due to the expansion of the STRACK range now also roller cages are available from the standard part specialist. Just as with the already existing ball bearing guide systems, the new roller cages enable a high-precision production by means of corresponding STRACK guide bushes and guide pillars.

The finely ground and super-finished running surfaces of the STRACK guide systems allow a close coordination of the preload. The resulting play-free running thus ensures a lightness of the guidance type which also simplifies the application for the toolmaker. Due to their tight tolerances, all elements from the company STRACK involved in the guide system are interchangeable with each other, if necessary. 

The roller cages SN17950 and SN17951 which are newly added to the range of guide elements are made of blue-anodized aluminium. 

The roller cages are used together with guide bushes and guide pillars and therefore have a linear contact. Roller cages have a barrel-shaped rolling element that not only makes point contact to the column and bush like at balls but has a linear contact to the lay-on surfaces. This linear contact allows a several times higher transmission of side forces.

Compared to the ball cages out of brass from STRACK, the roller cages are made of aluminium to minimize the sliding effect of the cage in the tool due to the lower weight of the material.

Due to its high resistance and the low weight, the high-strength aluminium allows the use of ball- and roller cage guides in many ranges of the tool- and mould making. These properties of aluminium are particularly advantageous for fast production processes. 

Part conveyors: Punching-bending waste easily removed

Where planing takes place, splinters and, where punching takes place, punching waste and good parts are falling. Strack Norma, one of the leading standard part suppliers in Europe offers a part conveyor for the removal. It is robust, flexible and space saving and thus offering an alternative to traditional conveyor belts.

Removing sharp-edged punching- and bending waste safely and efficiently often poses a major challenge.
The conveyor belts, frequently used up to now, can wear easily. The pneumatic part conveyor of Strack Norma, a linear conveyor that removes punching parts of all kinds and shapes also out of extremely tight waste shafts, offers a solution here. It removes the parts on a sheet groove and is therefore particularly resistant to sharp and pointed metal parts. At the same time, it has a space-saving low design, but can also transport good parts and waste safely over an inclination of up to eight degree (8°) without falling down. Also oiled punching parts can be removed thanks to the structured transport sheet.

The robust and low-maintenance part conveyors can optionally be mounted or dismounted at any press and can thus be exchanged among each other. As a result, the operator can use them exactly where they are needed. This increases flexibility. Unused spaces can become accessible and free scopes can be created. All components are available as spare parts which guarantees a high and long-lasting overall application performance.

The linear conveyors operate according to the principle of speed- and surface friction relation. The easy handling of the device allows a quick and trouble-free operation.

Its transport speed can be individually adjusted via the stroke frequency- between 10 and 180 strokes per minute and can be adapted to the conditions on site. It works with a noise level of up to a maximum 70 dB(A). It is designed for a pressure of 3,9 up to 4,7 bar and available in four types.

In order to easily remove the transport groove in the tool in case of malfunctions or maintenance works, STRACK NORMA has developed a variable module for supporting the groove. It is used for the proper guidance and bearing of the groove and can be fixed from the outside. SN9810 is adaptable in length and width to the local conditions and facilitates the handling for the tool setter.

Press release 06/19

Longer service life even with heavily loaded guiding elements

SNS-sintered metal as a durable sliding layer

STRACK NORMA is continuously expanding its range of guiding elements by including variants with sintered metal layer. The sintered metal sliding layer makes the elements in the tool- and mould making more resistant, improves their service life and thus reduces maintenance costs and increases the productivity.

Often guiding elements and guide bushes out of bronze with solid lubricant are used at guiding systems. STRACK NORMA offers guiding elements with a sliding layer that can significantly increase the running performance of the moving sliding pieces: the standard part producer provides a selection of its guiding elements with the so-called SNS-sintered metal sliding layer, which is sintered together with the embedded solid lubricant ina thickness of about 1.5 bis 2 millimetres on a steel base body.

This gives the guiding element a high pressure- and friction wear resistance and makes it more durable even at medium to high process speeds, which occur especially in the production of high-strength sheets. Thus, SNS-coated elements can be driven with a twice as high surface pressure and a nearly five times higher sliding speed of 70 m/min. The PV-value (relation between surface pressure and speed) ranks three times as high as when using bronze with graphite and also the unlubricated running time can be multiplied. Temperature-resistant up to s 250°C, these guiding elements are also ideal for the use in the toolmaking or hot forming. Generally, they are mainly used where high dynamically-effective bearing forces have to be absorbed and where a regular maintenance is not always guaranteed. The flat material can easily be processed and can thus be individually adapted to your own application cases in the own toolmaking.

Also tests in the automotive industry have already confirmed that the service life of sintered metal is many times higher than that of bronze with solid lubricant. Here, the SNS-guide strips have been successfully used in the Medium- and Premium-version of the PowerMax standard cam series in the recent years.

The new SNS-guide bushes
STRACK NORMA has gradually expanded its product portfolio. In the meantime, in addition to flat guide strips, also prism guidings and guide bushes as well as special solutions are part of the fixed program. The two-part guide bushes out of steel with glued-in sintered sleeve which have already been offered for a long time, will be replaced this year by a guide bush with SNS-sliding layer. The proven structure with sintered sleeve always reached its limits when external influences caused too much friction into the guiding system and the glue lost its grip due to the emerging friction heat. The new SNS-sintered sliding layer allows high process temperatures, because the SNS-layer is firmly connected to the carrier material by a process based on heat and pressure. The new bushes are available in different dimensions and are compatible with the already existing guide bush program, so that customers can easily renew and exchange them with each other.

Press release 03/2019

Space saving and effective in the mould making: the latch lock Z4-23

STRACK NORMA has added the special variant Z4-23 to its range of latch locks. With a minimum stroke of only three millimetres, it saves space in production. At the same time, it combines the function of the latch lock with delay and push lock.

In order to realize highly complex tasks, at moulding tools, cooling- and hydraulic connections and limit switches find space in extremely narrow spaces in the mould plate. Because the circumferential free space is correspondingly limited, designers often search for space-saving solutions. Specially for this purpose we developed our latch lock Z4-23 for small strokes, which combines the function of the latch lock Z4 and Z6 in only one component. While the previously used catches of the latch locks Z4-21/22 still needed a minimum stroke of 7 mm, the revised catch geometry reduces the stroke to three millimetres. The space requirement per side is also reduced in the Z4 and Z6 combination from 180 mm to 90 mm width of the control plate. “We are working to the motto ´From practice for practice`”, explains Andreas Geyer, shareholder of STRACK NORMA. “New market requirements are the basis for the best ideas. Thus, we constantly generate optimized solutions for our customers”.

Further examples of how STRACK NORMA is continuously expanding its latch lock range are the series Z4, the round latch lock Z3 for the internal use and the double-stroke latch lock Z4-19. They originated in 1976 with the sale of the first hook latch lock Z5 in two sizes. At that time, the new product offered toolmakers the opportunity to use standard parts in a simplified way after having had to build their own solutions for tool separations. Today the high variety of variants and customer-specific designs, which are individually manufactured from the beginning, round off the portfolio of latch locks and make STRACK NORMA the technology leader in the market.

The newly developed latch lock Z4-23 is particularly suited for small strokes, which have been combined up to now by Z4 and Z6 in one latch lock. Z4-23 only requires three instead of 7 mm minimum stroke for itself.

Press release 03/2019

Blank holder cam PMON – individual solutions to increase efficiency in the toolmaking

STRACK NORMA has created with its PMON a blank holder cam unit which can be used to save working stages and thus to increase efficiency. Originally developed as an individual solution, PMON now supports different tool designs requiring a pulling driver in the upper part of the tool instead of a pushing one in the lower part of the tool. PMON belongs to the standard cam series PowerMax of the company based in Lüdenscheid.
Starting point for the development of PMON was a challenge which had to be faced by S+S Werkzeugbau Schaller GmbH in Iserlohn-Sümmern. The task was to build a tool for the B-pillar of a vehicle which should be produced over several transfer stages at a Tier-One-Supplier. With the variants currently available on the market, the tool with an overlength of around 2 metres wouldn’t have fit into the existing try-out-press. In addition, the driver used in conventional aerial cams would have blocked the punching- and cutting operations.

Innovation: Driver in the upper part pulls the cam in end position

As a solution STRACK NORMA developed a new cam concept with the driver in the upper part of the tool. The idea was based on the Pinol cams positioned in the blank holder for single holes. However, the task required a considerably greater solution including gas springs, cutting punches and strippers, which was implemented by the STRACK designers in the PMON with a width of 330 mm. In contrast to the common method where the driver pushes the cam body in the working position, in the re-designed variant PMON the driver is in the pulling position, that means it pulls the cam into the end position.

Saving of working stages and time

„PMON doesn’t only offer an optimal solution for the task to be mastered, but also characterizes by its complex machining for the acceptance of the active elements and the strippers “, summarizes Bernhard Christoph, head of the engineering department with S+S Werkzeugbau Schaller. „Now, we are able in our design department to evade complex productions and to save at the same time, tool stages and time. STRACK NORMA has proven to be an ideal partner with its competence, its spirit of innovation and its uncomplicated cooperation. We are looking forward to continuing to cooperate with the family-run company also in future. “

Patented PowerMax standard cams are constantly further developed
The cam series PowerMax includes patented standard cams especially for the large-scale tooling, in use worldwide, particularly in the automotive industry. The cams equipped with gas springs achieve the hitherto unique ten percent press force as retraction-/stripper force by means of an active return. The compact cam series PowerMax 2.0, compact cam PMOK, was created in product range extensions. Tools can thus be saved by combining operational steps and by significantly reducing cycle times. Together with the high running precision the PowerMax standard cams form the basis for „efficient and safe working”. STRACK NORMA supplies more than 70 percent as solution ready for mounting with customer-specific machining and special designs. Due to its success and its broad acceptance in the industry STRACK NORMA plans to continuously improve and further develop the PowerMax series in the future.

Press release 01/2019

High-precise tool guidance for improved part quality

STRACK NORMA complements program with angular centering unit Z55

STRACK NORMA is expanding its program of centering units with the angular centering unit Z55. Thanks to the four-corner-radii the insertion in the tool can flexibly be positioned by means of a precision-milled square pocket.
Usually the tool is guided by the guide pillars and the guide bushes. However, with the modern and high-precision tools it has become inevitable to guide the mould halves even more precisely in order to prevent a misalignment of the mould contour and to increase the quality of the parts. Thus, a pairing of pillars and bushes requires a play adaptation due to the warming in the tool. If this doesn’t happen, the result would be an increased clamping behaviour. This play adjustment requires the application of a fine centering.
The new angular centering unit Z55 of STRACK NORMA allows an improved part quality because its four-corner radii permit an insertion in the tool by means of a precision-milled square pocket and thus a more precise positioning. It ensures that the tool can work exactly and that a flat mould contour without misalignment arises. The centering unit Z55 can be introduced over the center axis in the tool like the other centering units in the program of the standard part producer to compensate different heat expansions in the two mould halves. They are screwed either from the parting plane or the rear side. Thanks to two-sided threads in the fixing holes the centering unit Z55 can easily be dismounted in the case of maintenance. It is available in 5 dimensions from 20 to 50 mm for different mould sizes so that it can optimally absorb the forces in each case.
Like the other flat centering units from the program of STRACK NORMA also the centering unit Z55 is DLC-coated (DLC = diamond-like carbon). This coating on the upper part increases the lifetime and improves the scratch- and wear resistance of the surface. In addition, it reduces the corrosion tendency which at the same time ensures a homogeneous layer thickness. By using DLC-coated components, maintenance costs can be reduced up to 80 percent.

Press release 09/18

Slides prolongated

Respond more flexibly to customer needs – New extended slides for the proven slide units from stock

Since 1994 the reliable round and square slide units Z4290, Z4294 and Z4296 have been in the program of STRACK.
By means of slides lateral undercuts and breakthroughs are released inside and outside in the moulded part. In order to shorten the construction- and production time significantly, STRACK NORMA provides a complete range of standardized sliding elements.

From now on extended slides from 80 to 140 mm length are available for these slide units directly from stock. This enables the toolmaking to use the slides flexibly and directly in the tool. The slides are made of hot work steel 1.2343 hardened to 52 HRC and can be provided with the mould contour by the toolmaking.

Press release 10/18

Regulated directly on the device

The flowmeter Z7703 allows control, regulation and shutoff of cooling circuits directly at the tool

With the new flowmeter Z7703, STRACK NORMA has introduced an allrounder to the market.
It controls and regulates the flow in the individual cooling circuits of injection moulding tools directly at the tool on a well visible scale and can also shut off the flow.
The flowmeter is particularly suited for the checking of the flow in fine cooling circuits, such as for laser-sintered mould inserts or for cooling bores with a small diameter. Ideally it is used in connection with the tempering control filter Z7700.

Press release 06/18

Safely bridged

Variable, versatile and resistant: the deflection element Z7741 safely bridges a cooling bore distance of 30 to 500 millimetres

With the new deflection element Z7741 STRACK NORMA has developed a compact and stable system to connect cooling holes with each other.
So, cooling channels can also be deflected from the outside via several mould plates. We offer the deflection element with a channel diameter of 8 mm and in three lengths. In this way it variably bridges a cooling bore distance of 30 to 500 millimetres and allows an especially high flexibility in the construction.
The deflection element Z7741 is made of stainless steel and can thus also be used with aggressive cooling media such as light acids without corroding.
The used sealings consist of robust and temperature-resistant Viton (Fluorelastomer FKM).

Press release 04/18

Digital counter Z5265

Monitoring easy made

While the mechanical counters count up to 10 million strokes, the new STRACK counter Z5265 in digital version is now equipped with an eight-digit display. Therewith the user can determine and to control high stroke frequencies up to 1,200 strokes per minute.

Suited for high-frequency punching applications and high-speed injection moulds, the digital counter is the ideal companion for punching- and injection moulding applications as well as for the application in the general mechanical engineering and in the automation technology.

The robust aluminium housing with compact dimensions facilitates the simple installation and operability. With a cable length of one metre to the sensor, the counter is ideally suited for the assembly on the tool.

Press release 11/17

Clean and efficient

New temperature control filter Z7700 ensures trouble-free production process

The temperature control filter Z7700 is a specially designed oil- and water filter which was developed for small cooling holes or core coolings.

Due to its fine filter insert with 100 μ mesh size, the filter Z7700 removes finest dirt particles out of the circuit, which otherwise can lead to clogged cooling channels or to early wear of the sealing elements. This makes it ideal for applications at laser-sintered mould inserts and thin cooling water outlets, because herewith a pollution and the thus connected reduction of the flow is actively avoided. The cylindrical design has a generously designed space for pollution so that long maintenance intervals are possible. The filter insert out of stainless steel is washable and easy to clean.

The temperature control filter can easily be integrated in the cooling circuit, because at the one side a plug nipple Z7712 and on the other side a coupling Z7709 is mounted. There is also the possibility to use the ½ inch thread on both sides for the connection.

Due to the supplied fixing clamp, the filter can easily be mounted on the tool or on the machine.

Press release 10/17

Reliable. Safe. Versatile.

STRACK manifold plates – the safe alternative!

Meanwhile gas springs are no longer indispensable in the toolmaking, because they provide large spring forces over a long spring path. What here presents as an advantage, however, is also one of their greatest disadvantages. Because the compression rate is very high due to the extremely compact design, the service life at longer stroke paths or high stroke frequencies is extremely low. Especially at the more and more used servo press technology these autonomous gas springs reach their performance limits very quickly.

A further disadvantage of the gas springs is the different running performance. Thus, the provided forces of the gas springs are becoming different more or less quickly. As a result, the tools plates are no longer moving parallel to each other and thus parts of incorrect dimensions or possible tool damages are the consequence.The optimal hosing of the gas springs among each other in fact eliminates the problem, however, the user receives a massive increase in connection points which must be sealed. These are subjected to a continuing movement by pulsating hoses and can lead to problems.

All these disadvantages are avoided by using STRACK manifold plates. Here the manifold plate gas springs are directly screwed in the tool- or machine plate. Within the manifold plate they are interconnected by bore holes and thus don’t have additional connecting points. The integration in a tool- or machine plate is also extremely space-saving.

Within this plate an expansion volume is provided by means of volume holes which results in a flat pressure increase. The low-stress environment ensures that the manifold plate springs can work over an extremely long period of time.The sealing- and guiding elements of the manifold plate springs are produced out of the latest materials to meet the requirements over this long period of time. Furthermore, there is the possibility to relubricate the manifold plate springs at any time to obtain ideal sliding surfaces for the seals. Even after the delivery, the customers will profit from the STRACK NORMA customer service. The initial operation is checked and organized and a repeat test for these systems is arranged. Thus, the customer can focus calmly on the parts output for years and not on possible problems with its spring system.

Of course, the corresponding safety also belongs to this extremely reliable technology. STRACK NORMA produces and checks its systems according to the current legal provisions and the application of the present technical regulations. In doing so, the pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU is an important element for safety inspections. In addition to the German legal provisions, here the safety regulations of other states are also considered.

STRACK NORMA manifold plate systems are individual solutions, tailored to the customers ‘requirements. There are manifold plate systems with different cylinder sizes, which cover a force range of 50 – 20,000 daN and can still be designed variably by means of an adjustable system pressure of 40 – 150 bars. Stroke paths of 6 – 150 mm as standard as well as customer-specific request strokes as special production, combined with three different mounting- and installation variants round off the spectrum of the manifold plate cylinders. Here control panels with integrated burst protections and electronical pressure switches ensure maximum safety, even in the parts output.

Press release 10/17

3D-printed collapsible core in FORM+Werkzeug 5/2017

Collapsible cores for injection-moulding and pressure cast methods.

► PDF-FORM+Werkzeug 5/17 (in german)

PowerMax® light standard cam

Low-cost cam has supplemented standard cam series.

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► PDF-Prospekt PowerMax® light - Aerial cam Units ... the efficient Units

Z5131 + Z5141

New STRACK locking plates for slide holding devices.
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New Products 2017
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Inexpensive alternative

New SE-plates of STRACK NORMA.

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Security features gas springs

For user security, STRACK NORMA developed security features for all gas springs.

► Spring elements / Gas springs / PDF catalogue Gas springs

Simply remove punching waste
The pneumatic part conveyor of STRACK NORMA offers the optimal solution.
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Shop / CAD: New product configurator of STRACK NORMA accelerates selection process
Fresh interactive tool promises time savings and simplified decision making.

► PDF-Press release 04/16

STRACK NORMA enlarges its limit switch program

New types immediately available.

► PDF-Press release 03/16

New gas spring-stripper unit for punch retainer plates in polygon shapes

► Press release 03/16 (PDF)
► PDF-Brochure Gas spring-stripper unit

Accident insurance for the designer
New BAK adapter ensures more security and low costs.

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Press release

STRACK NORMA develops business in the growing markets China and Russia

STRACK NORMA is expanding its activities in China and Russia. The company from Lüdenscheid is expanding its service offer with direct advice for the growing customer base on site by opening two new representation agencies in Dongguan and St. Petersburg.
The new representation agency in Dongguan, China, marks a further step in the long-term expansion of the key market Asia planned by STRACK NORMA. A first representation agency already exists in Hong Kong under the leadership of Nicole Shum, who will also be the responsible person in Dongguan. Nicole Shum will assist local customers as an experienced and qualified contact person. In Dongguan the company sells standard parts for the tool- and mould making and equips the representation agency correspondingly with a warehouse and a measuring area.
In order to also tap into the Russian market for the toolmaking STRACK NORMA has now opened a new, first, direct representation agency in St. Petersburg. Andrey Multatuli, who has many years of well-founded experience in the plastics processing, toolmaking, injection moulds and sheet metal processing will take over the management. In addition to Russia, the equipment construction engineer will also support customers in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Press release 01/2019

Mexico: Satisfy PowerMax® demand

Direct and competent advice on site: STRACK NORMA opened a new representation in Mexico and thus extended the presence in Central America under the direction of Marco Antonio Saucedo Dominguez. In addition to the personal customer care on site, Marco Antonio Saucedo Dominguez supports us to satisfy the increasing demand particularly for the patented standard cam-series PowerMax®.

We developed the PowerMax® cam for the worldwide application in the large-scale tooling, especially for the automotive industry. It thus falls in the field of the new representation director, who has a long-term experience in the range of large-scale tooling.
The premium product meets highest requirements in terms of compactness, lifetime and performance and is used for example by the Volkswagen Group.

Press release 05/18