Code of Conduct

Values and social interaction

Values such as respect, confidence and responsibility determine our corporate philosophy.

We support and expect a fair interpersonal behaviour within the company as well as with respect to our partners, suppliers and customers.

We act in accordance with the applicable law and the ethical principles. Socially acceptable, environmentally conscious and economically expedient behaviour determines our actions.

The rights of children are respected, child and forced labour is rejected in all respects. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination such as hostilities due to age, sex, sexual identity, skin colour, nationality, religion, political conviction or social origin.


STRACK NORMA commits itself, in addition to a confidential and respectful treatment, to reward its employees in line with their performances and to ensure their safety and health.
We assume responsibility for our employees and respect the observance of applicable laws and do not accept any kind of discrimination.

In the same way, our employees assume the responsibility to present our company externally and internally in a positive way and to act according to the company guidelines.

Internal information is always treated in strict confidence and may not be passed to third parties. The acceptance of third party grants is prohibited, in case of infringement it must be reckoned with consequences.

Dealing with suppliers

Suppliers are expected to act according to our values and principles. This equally applies to the rejection of child and forced labour as well as to the fair remuneration, socially acceptable behaviour, health protection, work safety and action against discrimination.

STRACK NORMA does not allow inadmissible payments and gifts from suppliers to its employees. In case of infringement, it must be reckoned with appropriate measures, also of legal nature. Business relationships can be terminated due to such acts.

We, as well as our suppliers, are requested to avoid the use of raw materials deriving from smelters and refineries which don’t meet the requirements of the OECD guideline on due diligence in the supply chain of mineral raw materials from conflict- and high risk areas.

Fair competition

STRACK NORMA and its employees commit themselves to fair business conduct. This includes a responsible and honest interaction with customers and competitors.

Improper favours, benefits or other unfair business practices from which the objectivity of our work and our decisions suffer, are prohibited. The same applies to any grants to politics or state.

We expect an attitude of our business partners which meets our standards.