STRACK Company

Our claim THINK. TECH. STRACK. is summing up what we stand for with our products and employees as a family-run manufacturer of standard parts: we offer our customers innovative, individual and standardized solutions for the tool- and mould making worldwide.

THINK. We develop innovative solutions for tool and mould making.
TECH. Our customers appreciate our special productions, product modifications and individually tailored solutions.

STRACK. As family-owned standard part manufacturer, we also offer standard solutions worldwide.

STRACK Principle

If engineers have the courage to question day by day the limits of technical possibil-ities, to invent the tools of today for the technology of tomorrow, then trendsetting standard parts are created.

The zero-defect principle in the production and the reliability in advice, delivery and meeting of deadlines are our distinguishing features. As an additional service, we offer to our customers, special designs, product modifications and flexible problem solutions.

Thus the toolmaking becomes intelligent and simple.

We particularly pay attention to the completeness of our product range by complementing it continuously with new products and we design the presentation in the catalogues clearly arranged.

Constructing engineers appreciate the STRACK CAD-module. Here components can not only be load in the CAD system, but concerning more complex components can be adapted in advance to the construction requirements by defined parameters. This reduces the construction time considerably.

An extensive stock and an excellent logistics contribute to a high delivery performance. Generally after receipt of the order, it takes 24 hours till the goods arrive at the customer.